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APU Mentorship Course

Athletic Performance University (APU) is an 8-Week Online Mentorship Course specifically designed to help Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Exercise Science students improve in career cornerstone skills: coaching, creating and communicating. These 3 primary skills—coaching, creating and communicating—are foundational to the field of Strength & Conditioning, which makes it all the more important to constantly develop and refine. APU offers cohorts on a year-round basis in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.
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Why I Created APU

Currently, I see a giant gap within what most Exercise Science students learn in their undergraduate degree and in their ability to practically apply these concepts within real-world settings as Strength & Conditioning Coaches relatively new to the professional field. Furthermore, I also see this gap carry on into the early years of their career as Strength & Conditioning Coaches through their struggles with connecting the dots and climbing up the career path ladder.

My purpose for APU is simple: educate this exact target audience of Strength & Conditioning Coaches relatively new to the field and current Exercise Science students to be well-equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to become world-class coaches to their athletes in the weight room at any level, create more impactful training programs that enhance athletic performance, and most importantly, communicate at an elite level to ensure buy-in and trust with their athletes for stronger relationships.

Students who complete APU will learn a systematic approach toward training program design, in addition to developing better strategies to effectively train their athletes in the presence of injury to maintain overall health and performance through progressions and regressions. Lastly, all students who complete this online mentorship course will develop the coaching and communication methods necessary to build mastery in lower body training, upper body training, core training, plyometrics and power training, and also, agility and change of direction training.

Through my instruction, guidance and support within this 8-week online mentorship course, you have my full commitment toward helping you become a master of your craft within the field of Strength & Conditioning.
Benefits of Taking APU

This comprehensive, 8-week online mentorship course is designed to help you become a better Strength & Conditioning Coach and is action-packed with the tools to help you get there.
  • Open to Everyone: APU is open to Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Exercise Science students (i.e., Undergraduate, Graduate, etc.), Fitness Professionals (i.e., Personal Trainers, etc.), Medical Professionals (i.e., Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, etc.) and anyone with a desire to improve their skills in the field of Strength & Conditioning.
  • Small Classroom Size: Each semester is capped at a maximum of 15 total students to ensure learning quality in a small classroom environment.​
  • Global Impact: APU has been fortunate enough to have had students and professionals from around the world take the course and benefit from the education. APU alumni includes people from all across the United States, in addition to Canada, Croatia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom.
  • Course Modules: There are a total of 8 modules (1 per week) throughout this course covering a variety of topics in Strength & Conditioning.
  • Presentation Slides: Each module is delivered through presentation slides that are emailed out in PDF format at the beginning of each week.
  • Video Lectures: Students will receive a pre-recorded video lecture at the beginning of each week via email for the purpose of discussing together as a class via WhatsApp Messenger (text, audio and video).
  • Weekly Quizzes: The purpose of administering weekly quizzes is to ensure that all students are staying up-to-date with the course materials.
  • Group Discussion Board & Assignments: One of the biggest benefits of this mentorship course is the group discussion board via WhatsApp Messenger (text, audio and video), which allows for an open discussion amongst peers on current topics within Strength & Conditioning, in addition to completing weekly assignments.
  • Private Facebook Group: APU has a private group on Facebook that you will have direct access to as a way to serve as an additional resource, stay connected with APU alumni, and lastly, be in the know of any professional opportunities and upcoming events within our network.
  • Final Exam: Each student will take the final exam, which is a cumulative overview of the entire 8-week online mentorship course and all of the respective modules.
  • Final Project: The final project for this course is based on each student creating and developing a training program from scratch through the utilization of the course materials and based on a specific athlete case study.
  • Bonus - Video Library Database: Direct access to 20+ long-form instructional videos (3-5 minutes each) covering a wide variety of topics in strength & conditioning and athletic performance.
  • Bonus: Guest Lectures: We have a running list of guest lecture videos that you have direct access to where guest speakers cover a wide variety of topics in strength & conditioning and athletic performance.
    • Vinnie Calautti - Developing A Durable Basketball Player
    • Dr. Merrick Lincoln - Developing a Homegrown High-Performance Management Model for the Injured Athlete
    • Joshua Clay - The 4 Pillars of Effective Program Design: Adapt, Develop, Maintain & Engage
    • Nate VanKouwenberg - Functional Strength Training for PE and HS S&C: A roadmap for teachers and coaches who want to take their programs to the Next Level!
    • Jess Racz - Change of Direction Dominance: Improve Your Athlete's Ability to Create More Separation On Offense & Take Up More Space On Defense
    • Elijah Harris - Nonarthritic Hip Pain & Treatment Considerations for Health Care Practitioners & Strength Coaches
    • Ryan Metzger - In-Season Resistance Training for Collegiate Women's Soccer
    • Erica Suter - Social Media Strategy for Strength Coaches: Creating Lasting Impact
    • Jenny Rearick - How Great Coaches Speak: Essential Public Speaking Skills for Fitness & Sport Professionals
    • Victoria Saucedo - What Basketball Training IS & IS NOT in the Collegiate Setting
  • Certificate of Completion: After successfully completing all components of APU, each student will receive an official certificate of completion signed off by me to add to their professional resume and body of work in the field of Strength & Conditioning.
  • NSCA CEUs (1.4): Athletic Performance University (APU) is officially approved by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) for 1.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in category C for NSCA certified individuals who successfully complete this course. Individuals must be NSCA certified prior to starting this course in order to be eligible to obtain the CEUs upon course completion.
  • Powered by TeamBuildr: Athletic Performance University (APU) is an official partner of TeamBuildr, "The #1 Platform for Performance Coaches". TeamBuildr is an online training software platform used by some of the best sports teams and organizations around the world in the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and Premier League. All APU students will have access to using TeamBuildr as part of the course curriculum during the 8-week semester. In addition, once students complete APU, they will receive an exclusive 60-day trial offer to continue using TeamBuildr.
  • Lifetime Access: After completing APU, all students will have lifetime access to the group discussion board via WhatsApp Messenger (text, audio and video) to stay in touch with their unique cohort, in addition to having lifetime access to an open line of communication with me via WhatsApp Messenger (text, audio and video) for further support and mentorship.
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APU Modules

Module 1
Training Program Design: A Strategic Approach
Module 2
Language & Communication: Building Athlete Buy-In & Trust
Module 3
Injuries: How to Continue Training & Keep Your Athletes Healthy
Module 4
Lower Body Training: Coaching, Programming & Execution
Module 5
Upper Body Training: Coaching, Programming & Execution
Module 6
Core Training: Coaching, Programming & Execution
Module 7
Plyometrics & Power Training: Coaching, Programming & Execution
Module 8
Agility & Change of Direction: Coaching, Programming & Execution

Written Testimonials

"APU bridged the gap between what I know in theory and how to use it practically and confidently. I learned things in each module that I could immediately apply with my athletes and clients. As someone who hasn’t done an internship, APU felt like peer-to-peer or mentor/mentee learning vs. instructor/student. Matt is the reason I registered for APU. When he spoke at a conference I attended, he grabbed my attention. He’s a dynamic presenter and communicator. He’s knowledgeable and wants to advance the field itself and not just his own career. He coaches and teaches in a way that makes his students feel capable, knowledgeable and valued, which empowers us to ask questions, collaborate and learn from each other."
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Spring 2023 APU Graduate
"I truly appreciate all of the resources Matt provided in this class: exercise library, modules, group discussions and weekly Zoom lecture classes. I gained a lot of knowledge on regressing and progressing different exercises depending on the athletes’ capability and performance, and also how to name exercises properly based on the system developed in APU. Matt pays it forward to us students and ensures that he is always there if we ever have questions about anything in the field of strength and conditioning."
Undergraduate Exercise Science Student
Spring 2023 APU Graduate
"APU was structured very well with great delivery and energy in each class. I had awesome interactions with other students, and the course materials were practical with relevant information. Matt is very passionate and knowledgeable. He does a phenomenal job at explaining and simplifying complex topics to a level that is easy to understand. The enthusiasm he comes with is something I am striving to bring to my athletes and clients on a daily basis."
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Spring 2023 APU Graduate

"APU helped bridge the gap between what we learn in the classroom and what we apply in a real-world setting. This course allowed me to master the basics and build a solid foundation to use for years to come in the field. I really enjoyed the flow of each module and how they built off one another. In addition, the small classroom size allowed me to connect with my classmates and Matt more easily."

Undergraduate Exercise Science Student
Spring 2023 APU Graduate

"Matt is an amazing coach and educator. He has a way of making every student feel worth and impact, regardless of age or where they're at in their career. His positivity and ability to make us a team without ever meeting with us in person was astounding. He was so open to all questions, which made me feel very comfortable to ask. Overall, APU was a great course!"

Undergraduate Exercise Science Student
Spring 2023 APU Graduate

"This course delivers in all aspects. With this being the first semester of APU, I was extremely satisfied. As a coach and educator, Matt is extremely contagious. His excitement about the information made me look forward to the weekly Zoom lecture classes. Although the information and mastering the basics of S&C is extremely important, his delivery of this information is what sets him and APU apart. He instills a sense of community within the cohort in such a short period of time, which is a tough thing to do. With all of these characteristics meshed together, it brings about a certain level of excitement to continue to develop my own personal knowledge within Strength & Conditioning."

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Spring 2023 APU Graduate

"Highly recommend this course. I really enjoyed the weekly Zoom lecture classes and group discussion boards. The lecture classes allowed us to further understand each weekly topic and the group discussion boards allowed us as students to learn from each other and create connections in the field. The exercise library concept was a game-changer since it helped me organize my thoughts and made programming 10x easier! Overall, it truly was a one-of-a-kind experience!"


Strength & Conditioning Coach
Spring 2023 APU Graduate

"APU definitely exceeded my expectations. This course was a great opportunity to take a deep dive into all aspects of programming and coaching while also making me think more strategically. All of the components of programming were broken down thoroughly, and I am more confident about my knowledge and programming skills moving forward in my career."

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Spring 2023 APU Graduate

"I can't express how much I enjoyed taking this course. Matthew is an excellent mentor and is always enthusiastic about teaching. He goes above and beyond generously offering us his time and feedback whenever we have questions during and after the lecture classes. I learned so much and I'm so happy to be a part of the first group of his APU course!"

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Spring 2023 APU Graduate

"I loved APU. To me, the most valuable part of APU was the open door policy to ask questions. The mentorship from Matt is the main reason I took APU. The course itself is also jam-packed with value that I will continue to refer back to as a coach and student. Matt stands out as an exceptional coach and educator, possibly the best I've had the privilege of learning from. What truly sets him apart is his remarkable communication skills and responsiveness. When he teaches or coaches, he does so with clarity, conciseness, extensive expertise and passion. Despite being a mentor, coach and teacher to countless individuals, Matt never fails to give his undivided attention when you approach him with a question or seek his guidance."

Undergraduate Exercise Science Student
Summer 2023 APU Graduate

"APU is a great course for young S&C Coaches to better refine their thought process behind exercise selection and program design. I really enjoyed the conversations that were had throughout the live video class lectures and group discussions. It was great hearing different perspectives and learning many new training strategies I can implement with my own athletes and clients."

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Summer 2023 APU Graduate
"This course reinforced my knowledge in S&C and improved my ability to communicate while thinking in multiple directions based on the individual athlete/client in front of me. Matt was very helpful and did an incredible job at explaining the most complex topics in a very simple and digestible format."

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Summer 2023 APU Graduate

"The exercise library, group discussions and live video class lectures from APU have been particularly helpful in enhancing my own system and creating long-term growth. These past 8 weeks of learning have been excellent. Each module was well-crafted and had me anticipating what would come next. Matt's support in APU has been key to keeping me organized and focused, and has been benefiting me and my clients!"

Personal Trainer
Summer 2023 APU Graduate

"The APU course layout flowed very well together and it was great to hear Matt provide real-world examples within the live video class lectures. What I gained most from APU were the critical thinking skills on how to take this S&C knowledge, and then apply it within a variety of athletic populations and settings. I really appreciated Matt's style of coaching and educating. He would always mention that he is a coach first, and I think that helps a ton with educating. He has an ability to adapt to many learning styles and was able to engage us to think through the process while also making it enjoyable. Overall, APU was a very positive environment!"

Physical Therapist
Summer 2023 APU Graduate

"I give APU a 5-star review, because I know as a person that Matt gives 110% in anything he does, whether it's a simple phone call or putting together this 8-week course to help newer Strength & Conditioning Coaches like myself improve. As a coach, feedback and education are most important to moving forward. In APU, I received both, plus the added bonus of getting to know other young coaches and practitioners in the industry. In all of the continuing education courses I've taken, Matt stands out since he was the most succinct with his material and was able to simplify complex topics in a way that helped me understand without making me feel inferior. Overall, this was an amazing course and the information provided helped dictate my programming for the upcoming fall, winter and spring sports with my college athletes!"

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Summer 2023 APU Graduate

"APU truly did bridge the gap from what students may miss in their undergraduate programs to the importance of practice and application in the S&C profession. After taking this course, I feel as though I gained more knowledge about my coaching abilities, and in my ability to execute training programs and movements in a more organized and professional fashion. Matt made it easy to understand and apply the concepts in this course, and it did not feel automated or scripted like some courses do. I pride my gym on community and working together, and that's exactly how this course felt as well!"

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Summer 2023 APU Graduate

"Matt is a great mentor and APU is an awesome resource! He was very easy to contact and he took the time to make sure that we all understood the course materials. APU is a very organized and educational course that provides a great platform for continuing education within strength and conditioning. Through APU, I was able to further my knowledge on training program design and athletic development."

Undergraduate Exercise Science Student
Fall 2023 APU Graduate

"I had a great experience with APU! What makes this online course unique is that Matthew provides the right tools and skills to prepare you to become an elite Strength & Conditioning Coach! He provides education that allows you to apply the knowledge learned from the course directly into the field. Overall, this helps you develop a more organized approach towards working with athletes and clients, and helps you scale your training business. Matthew also puts together a top notch guest speaker lineup of highly-qualified coaches to learn from. However, the best part about APU is the instructor (Matthew Ibrahim), since he is an excellent speaker who knows how to break down the information so that each student can learn. APU is a course that I would highly recommend!"

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Fall 2023 APU Graduate

"APU was a very well laid out mentorship course. Matt was an extremely supportive and attentive coach, mentor and educator. I feel that I am now equipped to create training programs and execute training sessions for all types of athletes. I also feel that I gained confidence through the knowledge learned in APU. Every module topic was broken down and covered in an easy-to-understand way, which helped me retain the information. Lastly, I really enjoyed the weekly live lecture classes, which were very beneficial and made it feel like a community."

Personal Trainer
Spring 2024 APU Graduate

"APU was a well-structured online mentorship course with Strength & Conditioning information that was clearly laid out and easy to understand. Each module was top notch and came with phenomenal explanations from Matt! An additional value of taking the APU course was being able to attend the bonus guest lectures offered as well."

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Spring 2024 APU Graduate

“APU is an excellent way to improve your skills in coaching and program design. This mentorship course allowed me to better understand training concepts, and ultimately, it made my job as a Strength & Conditioning Coach easier by having a more accurate choice of exercise selection. Matt is a very genuine person and mentor. He has a great ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way and he's always available for further discussion. I really enjoyed the APU network that was created, the opportunity to meet other Strength & Conditioning Coaches and to be able to share ideas with everyone.”

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Spring 2024 APU Graduate

I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt Ibrahim for 10 years and I have always looked up to him for guidance in the Strength & Conditioning field. When Matt created APU, it was a no-brainer for me to sign up, and also encourage my staff and interns to do the same. Matt’s professionalism, organization, in-depth content and quality of information is unmatched. I would 100% recommend this course for any Strength & Conditioning Coach that wants to continue to develop within their career.


Strength & Conditioning Coach
Spring 2024 APU Graduate

Video Testimonials

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